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        產品名稱:Polypropylene (PP) meltblown filter
        錄入時間:2010-08-02 16:02:18

        Polypropylene (PP) meltblown filter 

        Melt-blown type filter (SFPP)

        This product is non-toxic and tasteless polypropylene as raw material, the use of international common gradual process, which after melting, injection, surface traction is made to receive
        A variety of tubular filter.


        Filter pore size and compact, uniform, high filtering effect.
        As the particles occurs in the filter channel "bridging" phenomenon, so that the particles can be smaller than the pore
        Been blocked to live more than 98% filtering effect.

        High self-clean, no pollution on water quality.

        Acid and alkali corrosive reagents and organic solvents.

        Strength, when the pressure drop for the 0.4mPa filter, the filter does not distort.

        Inexpensive and can be used repeatedly after cleaning to reduce the cost of using the unit.


        Widely used in the beverage industry, household items, super pure water equipment, security systems, and oil field water, chemical liquid, electroplating solution, and other electronic, rock
        Oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry, liquid filtration.

        Note: 1, maximum 99% particle filtration efficiency

        2, the initial accuracy of 95% filtration efficiency

        3, flow is under pressure P = 0.15MPa.
        10 "standard core filtration accuracy of the flow of nominal value.

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