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        產品名稱:Manganese sand filter
        錄入時間:2010-08-03 12:38:26

        Manganese sand filter 

        Manganese sand filter is a high quality natural manganese ore processed, the appearance of brown, the ground water, and manganese filter has a unique effect. Water oxidation method using low-cost and low manganese iron oxide into the high iron and high manganese removal in another Absorption filters, to reduce iron and manganese content in water projects in. Actually a large tin, manganese sand placed inside the material, water in the past, trapped down on the iron, you can use water to restore circulation. Pipeline in the loop filter on the sand bar with manganese did industrial water treatment should all be aware of: manganese sand from iron removal filter both the role of catalytic iron removal, erection mechanical filtering effect, prevent the return water system corrosion products and materials into the boiler to the water. Continuous operation cycle length, since the water consumption of small, low cost, the annual supplementary manganese sand ≯ 3%. Effluent total iron ≤ 0.01mg / L. There are many online manganese sand filter manufacturers website. A more practical treatment of the cycle. In addition there are large iron removal aeration applications. Another: the development of industrial circulating water is more perfect than iron, do not worry.




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